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Express your frustration and help to change MARTA with these fun and practical items!  The perfect gift for any paying MARTA rider!

Wallet-sized cards to hand out to panhandlers, vocal religious fanatics and other deviants:

  • Directions to the nearest homeless shelters: Wallet-sized cards with a map and directions to the homeless shelters in Atlanta.  Perfect for those smelly bums who panhandle with the "I've got no place to go" line!
  • Get a JOB! - Not feeling so generous?  How about these "Jesus says 'Get a job'" cards with the following quote from the Bible about the Lord helps those who help themselves.
  • The self-anointed God Squad got you down? The only thing worse than having a urine-soaked wino next to you is having a born-again try to convert you in the 20 minutes of the day you get to read the newspaper in peace!  So hand them this "First Church of the Palm" card and turn the tables on them!

Coffee Cups and Desktop Stuff

  • "I'm losing weight; ask me how!" and on the back side of the mug: "I ride MARTA and the smell of urine in the morning makes me lose my appetite all day!"
  • "I ride MARTA!" underneath "Of course I'm LATE!"


  • Despair's de-motivational calendars - a great push-you-over-the-edge gift for the borderline suicidal person in your office.  Now you can get that window office you've wanted!

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