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The Humor of Riding MARTA

You fail to see the humor in your daily ride on MARTA?  Heck, why waste your time watching "reality tv" when you have a live freak show on the train.  And it's cheaper than going to Amsterdam for the weekend!

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And come back to this page as we will be adding photos and video of the humorous things we see on MARTA.

For a start, gaze upon the distant image of "Tutu Man".  This tall, 30-something  black man can be spotted walking down West Peachtree near the North Avenue Marta station around lunchtime.  If you look closely, you'll see he is wearing a pink tutu, a blond wig, tiara, and a cheerleader customer, complete with pom poms. And he's not advertising anything, aside from his own weirdness. When he tires of the tutu (maybe it chafes?) he can be spotted wearing a drum major's outfit and march to the beat of a decided different drummer, or his ever-popular Superman costume.

I'm sorry about the poor photo quality, but I only had my camera-phone on me and I was across the street!



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